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General presentation

This laboratory was established in 2012 as a mean to increase research activities at the Thang Long University. It is headed by Mrs LÊ Thị kim Tuyến who holds a PhD in Molecular biology and genetics and is administratively linked to the Public Health Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Currently the laboratory is hosting one student doing its research for a master degree diploma.

About the present research

Research is presently focused on the screening of restriction enzymes in the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa. It is supported by a research grant awarded annually by the U.S. based company New England Biolabs Inc., within the framework of its International screening of restriction enzymes project.

Restriction enzymes are common tools used in molecular biology. They are subject to the research in understanding intimate relationships between proteins and DNA. A better comprehension of the DNA regulation processes in insuring a well functioning cell needs a focus on proteins that can directly influence the structure of the DNA molecule. That explains why research on restriction enzymes is actively conducted.

The exploitation of restriction enzymes, which are extremely rich and diversified in the natural environment, is thus a necessity that has been undertaken in Vietnam for more than 20 years, relying on more and more modern and sophisticated methods. Microcystis is a very common unicellular organism forming colonies that can be found in stagnant pools of water in Vietnam. Its cells contain numerous chloroplasts and it can withstand the high temperatures reached by the water habitat during sunny days of the summer. The prospect of the study is to collect water samples from various locations and possibly isolate different strains of Microcystis that could harbor different restriction enzymes. The identified restriction enzymes will then be cloned into plasmids and their characteristics will be studied in the laboratory at NEB using the most modern techniques.

Read more about restriction enzymes research at NEB by clicking here.


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