Thang Long University celebrated 30th anniversary of foundation


Thang Long University held a series of activities to celebrate its 30th anniversary of foundation (Dec. 15, 1988 - Dec. 15, 2018) as a small training facility to a prestigious university and step-by-step reaching the international level.


On 14 and 15 DEC, Thang Long organized commemorative activities including documentary film screening, dialogues with historical witnesses on the establishment and development of the university. Other memorable activities included the "Countryside Market" , a Tonkin-market where lecturers, staff and students could trade and play traditional games of the Northern of Vietnam; "Night Camps" - student could register camps and organize team-building activities; Especially the special music show "HANOI" - the program for lecturers and guests, "THE GRAND FESTIVAL" - a special art show with the participation of famous artists, talent students and professional high-performance sound and lighting system.


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