Opening Japanese class for Tourism students at Thang Long University

Thang Long University and its Japanese counterparts - MPKEN Nonprofit Organization, Alpha Language Institute of Japan have agreed to organize specialized Japanese courses and soft skills for Tourism students. After joining the program, students will be introduced to Japanese companies by MPKEN Nonprofit Organization to look for employment opportunities. MPKEN is based in Japan and has many years of volunteer work in ASEAN countries. Currently, the organization is actively supporting Vietnamese and Southeast Asian students to apply for jobs at Japanese companies.


On 12/12/2018, the first 11 months of Japanese language classes were opened, many Thang Long University students and some students from other universities (Hanoi University, College of Tourism) participated in this course. The teacher is Ms. Kaoru Yorifugi from the Alpha Language Institute based in Tokyo, Japan. This school has 28 years of experience in teaching Japanese teachers abroad.


With this collaboration, Thang Long University hopes to equip young students with language and soft skills to build their self-esteem, enhance their employability. In addition, this cooperation also contributes to the mutual development of the two countries Vietnam - Japan.


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