LOTTE Corporation has been expanding investment in Vietnam for many years in many types of businesses. Building active cooperation with Vietnam, besides its business investment, LOTTE Group also wishes to contribute and fulfill its social responsibility.


Lotte Scholarship Foundation 2018 bestowed 78 scholarships to students from 8 universities in Hanoi and 54 scholarships for students from 9 universities in Ho Chi Minh City. They were students who overcome difficulties to study well and who have excellent academic achievements. Up to now, LOTTE Foundation has awarded 2,987 students from 6 countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan with a total value of more than $1.5 million USD.


This year, Lotte Scholarship Foundation 2019 continues to donate 05 scholarships with a total value of $1500USD to students of Thang Long university in the majors of Finance, Accounting, Economics and Korean language. The scholarship recipients include 3rd and 4th year students who have excellent academic performance and who overcome hardship. Deadline for submission before March 5, 2019.


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