Hanoi, 20thApril, 2019 - University-Enterprise Center (UEC-TLU) cooperated with partner businesses to organize a successful workshop on career opportunities, which attracted many TLU students. There attended Mr. Vũ Đỗ Quỳnh, Director of University-Business Connection Center (UEC - TLU), Vice Principal of Thang Long University; Mr. Csaba Bundik, Founder and CEO of CETA Consulting, Vice Chairman of the Central and Eastern Europe Commercial Office; and the representatives of HONDA, VIETNAM-FRANCE HOSPITAL, AEON AND EXIMBANK.


In the 1st part of the seminar, Mr. Csaba Bundik gave an inspiring presentation to share his experience in solving challenges and how to orient future career. Moreover, he introduced CETA Consulting and informed TLU students about job opportunities in Estonia and Croatia.


In the 2nd part of the seminar, Mr. Vũ Đỗ Quỳnh introduced an online learning module created by UEC-TLU, which aims to help students improve their CV preparation and spiritual standards for interviewing and to open their visions to the vast world of start-up.


Students from Music major rocked the hall with dynamic and outstanding performances during break time.


In the last part of the seminar, representatives of well-known enterprises mentioned above introduced their company background, recruitment plan, requirement and career opportunity, internship program… For more detail on recruitment available, please visit:




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