Thang Long University’s enrollment in 2019: increase in quality and quantities

In 2019, Thang Long University targets 2.400 students admission with the entrance scrore from 15.5 to 21.6 depending on the majors.

Thang Long University is a multidisciplinary training institution with applied university trends.


Not only having the modern learning and playing space, the university also builds many professional practice – application centers.

In 2019, Thang Long University announced enrollment with 2,400 students for all major groups such as Mathematics - Informatics (Computer Science, Communication and Computer Network, Information System); Economics - Management (Accounting, Finance - Banking ...); Foreign languages ​​(English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) ...


In particular, this year's enrollment period, Thang Long University opened three new majors: Information Technology, Multimedia Communications, Logistics and Supply Chain Management to meet the needs of human resources in the future.

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