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The Nursing Department of the Thang Long University was established in 2005. Currently, the department's staff is composed of 15 permanent lecturers that include: 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 1 PhD holder, 7 master holders (of whom 1 is following a doctoral study in Thailand), 5 bachelors of science in Nursing (of whom 1 is following a master course), and 2 laboratory assistants (of whom 1 has technical college qualification and 1 has Nursing school qualification). In addition, the Department has also many visiting professors and doctors that have years of experience in lecturing and clinical practice. Theses visiting lecturers greatly contribute to the high quality graduation of nurse students.

Head of the Department:
Prof. PHAM Thi Minh Duc
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Vice Head of the Department:
M.A. NGUYEN Hoang Long



Training at the Department:

Currently, most countries in the world consider that nursing is a profession within the health care sector and that its importance is equal to that of other professions in the field. Nursing is highly regarded due to its great contribution to the comprehensive care of human’s health.

In Vietnam, with the development trend of the society, the demand for nurses, especially nurses having university qualifications, is high and ever increasing. The Ministry of Health of Vietnam estimates that in 2020 Vietnam will need at least 180,000 nurses. Specifically, nurses working in provincial and national hospitals should have college qualifications so that they can meet the health care needs of the society.

Lectures by the Nursing Department
Lectures by the Nursing Department

Thang Long University provided the first course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2006. Qualifications issued by the University are certified by the national qualification system. The university provides students with favorable education environment, helping students to improve not only their professional knowledge but also communication skills, professional ethics and dedication.

 Students of the Nursing department in classroom
Students of the Nursing Department in classroom.


In particular, the Nursing Department focuses on positive teaching methods (i.e. students-centered) and helps students to do active learning and perform self- studies. All specialized and compulsory subjects are governed by top professionals and doctors. Each block is divided into two parts: theory and seminar. Teaching theory, lecturers will focus on overviews and guide the student to do self- study at home. In teaching seminars, lecturers will divide students into small groups of 5-7 and student reading, discussing to solve objectives of the subjects. And then they will continue to discuss the unknown contents with the professors. This method will maximize the activeness, self-study training ability, group working and communication by speaking language.  It's also help students to improve skills on data collection, analyzing and problem solving as well as interpreting written language. Ending each module, students are required to write an essay of about 3000-4000 words (6-12 pages).

In addition, due to specific requirements of the Nursing, the Department has increased the internship time for students. Two thirds of education programs are dedicated to laboratory practice on modern tools and models, as well as in hospitals, such as: Viet Duc Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, National Hospital of Pediatrics, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Geriatric Hospital, Vinmec International Hospital etc. under tutorship provided by enthusiastic and experienced experts. Improving the quality of training, lecturers have always supervisors and support students on each training session in the clinical which is really important to enhancing professional skills for students.

Practicing in laboratory conditions at the Nursing department
Practicing in laboratory conditions at the Nursing department.


Developing the scientific research of students. Nursing Department have always encouraged, sponsored and supported students to conduct scientific research through the implementation of the thesis research, especially for in-service students. 100 percents in-service Nursing graduate program have to do thesis research. Helping students have gained this goal, research methodology in Nursing has become a compulsory subject in nursing training programs. In addition, students who have quality research (graduation theses of full-time and in-service students) were sent to national conferences and gained much commendation.


Newly graduated students of the Nursing Department.
Newly graduated students of the Nursing Department.


Since the academic year of 2006-2007, Thang Long University has trained more than 500 full-time and 400 in-service nursing students including the 2013-2014 promotion. One year after their graduation, more than 80% students have found jobs in their trained fields, of which 45% works int the public health care sector, 40% works for private health care facilities, and 15% have decided to continue their education. A number of students have proved that their acquired knowledge and skills are outstanding and have earned professional positions in top hospitals, such as Viet-Duc hospital, Bach Mai hospital, National Hospital of Pediatrics, Vinmec International Hospital etc.

Contact information:

Nursing Department, Room A-306, Third floor, 9-storey building, Thang Long University
Telephone number: (+84-4) 38 58 73 47; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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