Thang Long University collaborated with Japan to implement human resources development project


Students of Thang Long University are offered free Japanese language courses and advanced technology. After joining the program students will be introduced to jobs in Japan.

Recently, Thang Long University and Japanese partners held a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the implementation of the "Japan-Viet Nam Human Resource Development Promotion Project". According to the Memorandum of Understanding, Thang Long University will coordinate with the Alpha Language Institute, Nippon Structural Engineering Co., Ltd and MPKEN Non-profit Organization to implement the project in the form of organizing Japanese classes. The cooperation program has many important meanings to supply more qualified human resources.

According to this project, each Japanese class has 20-30 students per class and has a training duration of about 11 months / course. The first course was opened on December 12 2018.

Japanese teachers who teach this class are sent from the Alpha Japanese Language Institute which is based in Tokyo, Japan. This school has 28 years of experience in training Japanese teachers abroad. Currently, the Alpha Language Institute is cooperating with many Japanese universities and universities in Southeast Asia.

Students participating in the program will be introduced by MPKEN Nonprofit Organization to Japanese companies which are MPKEN’s partners in Japan. This organization based in Japan and has many years of volunteer activities in ASEAN countries. At present, the organization is actively supporting Vietnamese and Southeast Asian students to apply for jobs in Japan companies.

Project is co-financed by Nippon Structural Engineering company which was founded in 1980, with 35 years experience, this company has many achievements in the field of steel structure design, consulting, maintenance, architecture ... in Japan and many countries in the world.

Representatives of Nippon Structural Engineering Co., Ltd. said, "We have high hopes for this project and we hope that young Vietnamese will improve their skills and Japanese to develop themselves. As a contribution to the common development of the two countries Vietnam - Japan.

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