The meeting of University-Enterprise Center (UEC-TLU) and partners

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Thang Long University 15/12/1988 – 15/12/2018, on December 14th 2018, the University and UEC-TLU has held a meeting with enterprises. At the event, towards Thang Long University with the Rector of TS. Phan Huy Phu, PhD. Vu Do Quynh Vice Rector cum Director of University - Business Connection Center, on the side of the Enterprise, there are representatives of Central and Eastern Europe Trade Office (CEEC), Thaco Truong Hai, Mazars Auditing Group, Techcombank, Navigos Group, Misa JSC, AEON, Vietnam-France Hospital, Nashtech, AUF French Language University Organization, Christina JSC ……

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Mr. Phan Huy Phu, TLU rector, sent his respectful greetings to the representatives of enterprises. He also shared the difficulties and results achieved by the University during 30 years.

The purpose of the event is to summarize the activities of UEC Center with Enterprises in 2018 and provide a plan for 2019 to expect the connected activities of the university to enterprises to be more effective in the future, which benefits students, businesses and communities.

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Mr. Vu Do Quynh - Vice Rector - Director of UEC Center shared information of enrollment for the 2018 - 2019 school year.

Analyzing data of graduates after 6 months based on survey data of the External Evaluation Team - Hanoi National University Testing Center.

Currently, UEC Center has built 2 online learning modules for students (supported by the French-language university organization AUF): i / Job search skills; ii / Starting a business, in the near future, the Center will experiment with the above modules.

On the side of Enterprises, there are positive comments for Thang Long students, Enterprises want to continue cooperation and have a strong relationship.

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Ms. Cao Quynh Chau - HR Director of Vietnam - France Hospital Vietnam.

France Hospital highly appreciated the training quality of students in Nursing University of Thang Long University, Ms. Chau also shared the recruitment needs of Viet Phap Hospital not only limited to Nursing students but also Nutrition and Tourism are also targeted by the Hospital, this is indeed a good opportunity for students of Thang Long University.

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Navigos Group is a recruitment group looking forward to cooperating with TLU to train soft skills for students before graduation.

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