Student life at Thang Long University

Many people have always regarded the time they spent at university – the remarkable “student life”, so to call – as the most important period of their lives. It is, indeed, at Thang Long University (TLU).

Besides regular studying duties, students at Thang Long University have no limitations upon joining a number of active clubs, operating under the support of the Board of Directors. The focus of these clubs is various, including extra training of skills relevant to the subjects given in the education program or sports such as basket ball and martial arts of different schools, dance sport, music, film making, culture, etc. The club members are provided with many activities that may help enhancing their own abilities in order to better develop themselves, and can often take part in many competitions.

One of the noteworthy events in 2014 was when the Thang Long University's futsal (in-door football) and dance sport teams both won the first rank at the Vietnam University's Game (VUG) for the Northern region, obtaining a direct ticket for the VUG final competition, organized later in Ho Chi Minh City, and where the dance sport team ranked 3rd in Dance Battle.

Additionally, under the guidance of the Youth Union and Students’ Association, students of Thang Long University always take their share in annually volunteer campaigns, even in the remote areas of the country, as well as other significant activities such as blood donations and many charitable contributions.


Health and Well-being

The Thang Long University (TLU) has been recognized by the public opinion as the most beautiful university of Hanoi. Its present campus has become operational since the end of 2007 and has been built on a surface of about 2.3 hectares. Being a private university not-for-profit, important investements have been made to ensure to the TLU staff and students a modern, clean and comfortable working and studying environment.

Ta Quang Buu Meeting hall
The Ta Quang Buu Meeting Hall can be used for many mass social activities.

One of the two large auditoriums for mass lectures.

All classrooms and the two large auditoriums have air-conditioning which is a very important component for the generql well-being when arrives the hot season. Nearly all classrooms are equipped with a teaching computer and a video-projector. The construction design of TLU provides to students many reserved areas where students can perform self-studies, alone or in group, or simply relax and entertain themselves between two lecture classes.

One among the five self-study and relaxing rooms reserved for students in the main 7-storey building.

TLU's staff and students can take meals for a reasonable price at the university's restaurant or at the cafeteria. They can also bring in their own food and use some of the microwave ovens that are displayed in the restaurant.

The physical fitness facilities.

Sport facilities also include fitness rooms fully equipped which allows for staff and students to practice physical exercises. Many activities are also organized at the occasion of various important events of the social life.


Information Technology Infrastructure

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for the management of the information technology infrastructures at the Thang Long University (TLU).

Computer rooms for teaching IT.

The IT backbone of the TLU is based on 6 fiber optic connections from two different internet access providers (5 from VNPT and 1 from FPT). Each fiber optic connexion has a minimum bandwidth of 45 Mbps (domestic) and of 1 Mbps (international). These connections serve specific areas and public in order to maximize their efficiency and allow a fast-internet learning and teaching environment as follows :

  • The 4-storey Library is served by one fiber optic connection from FPT;
  • The student registration server has its own fiber optic connection;
  • The five self-study rooms are served by one fiber optic connection;
  • The computer rooms (with a total of 1,000 computers) and the 5 foreign language self-study rooms are served by one fiber optic connection;
  • The administration area, the directors and board of trustees, the faculty staff offices and centers are served by two fiber optic connections.

The IT Department manages a total of 7 main servers, all located within the TLU campus. Especially two servers running CentOs (GNU/Linux) are dedicated to the online learning Moodle platform at


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