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Physical Education Department

Thang Long University

Physical Education department

The Physical Education Department of the Thang Long University (TLU) has been officially created in 2001. Before its installation in the actual modern campus in 2006, students had to train at the Khuong Dinh Cultural House in the Thanh Xuan quarter of Hanoi.

The Department's staff was originally composed of three teachers. In 2007, two supplementary teachers joined the department which is now manned by 6 permanent teachers since 2010. The head of the Department is M.A. Bui Van Phuong who is specialized in volleyball, table tennis and gymnastics.

Outdoor sport facilities at TLU
Outdoor sport facilities at TLU.

The TLU, looking for the health and well-being of its students and professoral corps, has invested in modern sport facilities. These include a gymnasium for indoor sports and a fitness room fully equipped with modern apparatus. Two outdoor courts for basketball and volleyball practicing as well as handball playing complete the sport facilities of TLU.

Students playing basketball

TLU students can thus join several kind of sports according to their taste and wishes, especially martial arts, yoga, khi công (qigong), dance sport, aerobics, tennis table, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, gymnastics, athletics, etc.


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