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International Economics

Major code7310106

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectA00, A01, D01, D90
  • Fee27.000.000VND/year

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International Economics

Globalization and economic integration are increasingly strong, and Vietnam has implemented policies to open up, diversify, and multilateralize its foreign economic activities, thereby promoting the exchange of goods, services, and international investment with other countries. Therefore, a highly knowledgeable and specialized workforce in the field of international economics is crucial.
International Economics is a discipline that Thang Long University introduced in the academic year 2020-2021. The curriculum is built on reputable domestic and international universities' training programs. The establishment of this field of study contributes to fulfilling Thang Long University's mission of "providing high-quality human resources to serve the industrialization, modernization, and international integration of the country."

Training objectives

- Gain a solid foundation and a systematic understanding of economics and management; and acquire in-depth knowledge of international economics;
- Have the capacity for research, policy planning, and problem-solving at the grassroots level in the fields of international trade, international finance, and international business management;
- Have independent research thinking and the ability to work in teams; have the capacity for self-study and continuous learning according to job requirements.

Training program

Fundamental subjects

  • ​Scientific Research Methods in Economics
  • Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Applications in Economics
  • ​Applied Statistical Probability
  • ​Microsoft Excel
  • ​Microeconomics
  • ​Macroeconomics
  • ​Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • ​Fundamental Monetary Finance
  • ​Corporate Finance
  • ​Accounting Principles
  • ​General Management
  • ​Fundamental Marketing

Compulsory Subjects

● Advanced Macroeconomics
● International Economics 1
● International Economics 2
● World Economy
● International Finance 1
● International Finance 2
● International Investment
● International Business Negotiation
● International Business
● International Trade Law

Elective Subjects

● Strategic Management
● Multinational Company Management Policies
● International Trade Finance
● Introduction to International Logistics
● Growth Economics
● Positivist Methods In International Economics
● Entrepreneurship
● Development Economics
● Securities Investment
● Foreign Economic Policy
● ASEAN Economies
● Fundamentals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
● International Marketing

Post-graduation Job Opportunities

-    ​Employee and specialist in import-export fields: working in areas related to Vietnam's import and export of goods with specific countries, such as conducting transactions, negotiating contracts with partners, developing export-import strategies, and translating and drafting contracts in English.
-    ​International financial planner: participating in the development and implementation of models for monitoring international financial activities, analyzing market data, evaluating the effectiveness of models, and proposing operational changes.
-    ​International investment consultant: researching and observing economic situations as well as changes in policies and structures of countries, and advising investors on where to invest.
- ​Trade promotion specialist: serving as a trade representative to bridge economic cooperation and development between two countries.