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Japanese Language

Major code7220209

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectD01, D06, D78, D96
  • Fee31.500.000VND/year

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Japanese Language

In recent years, the relations between Japan and Vietnam have seen very good progress. In terms of politics and diplomacy, the easing of entry requirements for Vietnam has brought many opportunities for studying abroad, internships, and working in Japan. In terms of economics, along with the expansion of investment of Japanese companies in Vietnam, there are more and more opportunities to work in Japanese companies. The provision of high-quality Japanese language training programs, with native-speaking instructors and a focus on practical application, has become increasingly important for Japanese learners to achieve various goals. 
The Japanese Language Training Program offers 3 orientations: Japanese for Education, Japanese Language and Culture, and Business Japanese.



  • Acquire foundational and in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language
  • Proficiently use the Japanese language in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, at a level equivalent to N2, which corresponds to Level ⅘ of the Japanese Language Proficiency Standard set by the Japanese Government.
  • Equip students with comprehensive professional knowledge, practical skills, and proficiency in using the Japanese language to meet the labor market's demands and integration.


Fundamental subjects

Intermediate Japanese

Advanced Japanese

Intermediate Japanese Skills Enhancement

Advanced Japanese Skills Enhancement

Japanese Culture

Japanese Grammar

Japanese Country Studies

Japanese Texts

Japanese Literature

Written Translation

Oral Translation

Japanese Communication Skills

Môn chuyên ngành

Educational Japanese

Japanese Phonetics

Japanese Lexicology

Japanese Pragmatics

Japanese Language Teaching Techniques

Japanese Language Teaching

Japanese Language and Culture

Japanese Phonetics

Japanese Lexicology

Japanese Pragmatics

Japanese Civilization

Japanese History

Japanese Culture

Business Japanese

Japanese for Business Communication

Japanese for Accounting

Japanese for Marketing

Japanese for economics

Elective Subjects

Japanese Literature

Japanese Education

Japanese for IT

Japanese for Office Staff

Medical Japanese

Teaching Methods for Chinese Characters 

Japanese for Tourism and Hospitality


Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language can pursue various careers, including:

  • Working as a translator, interpreter, editor, etc. in agencies, organizations, and enterprises.
  • Engaging in Japanese language research and teaching at research institutes, training institutions, academies, universities, language centers, etc.
  • Working in Japanese corporations, companies, or factories in Vietnam or using the language in their work within Vietnam