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Information Systems

Major code7480104

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectA00, A01
  • Fee27.000.000VND/year

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Information Systems

Information Systems is a major that trains engineers/bachelors who take on the task of building and maintaining computer-based information infrastructure for organizations, businesses, government agencies, and more.
A Bachelor of Information Systems can design, implement, and maintain information systems, including data, business software, and enterprise systems (such as integrated systems, e.g. ERP), for organizations or businesses. Their key tasks include installing and managing databases, ensuring data safety and security, selecting system deployment solutions, as well as programming, procurement, and system integration.


After graduating in Information Systems, students will achieve the following:

  • A broad knowledge of technology, a basic professional understanding, and the ability to adapt to changes in both business and technology to meet the requirements of organizations/businesses.
  • The ability to detect and solve problems related to the organization's information systems (data, business processes, and system integration)
  • Communication, persuasion, and organizational skills to successfully deploy information systems and maintain effective functioning throughout the system.


Fundamental subjects

Arithmetic and Algebraic Structures


Linear Algebra

Statistical Probability

Discrete Mathematics

Data Structures and Algorithms

Digital Technology

Programming languages

Object-oriented Programming

Computer Architecture

Operating System Principles


Computer Networks

Compulsory Subjects

Information System

Business Process Modeling

Information Technology infrastructure

Database Management System

Object-Oriented Analysis And Design

Information System Project Management

Advanced Information Systems

Enterprise Architecture

Software Engineering

Data mining

Data Warehouse

Elective Subjects


Java Programming

Introduction to Data Science

Big data

.Net Programming

PHP Programming

Information Security

Contemporary Issues in Information Systems

Advanced Statistics

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Technology



  • An IT bachelor can perform the following jobs:
  • Analyze, design, and install information systems (Databases, integrated business and software systems, computer networks, data storage systems, information services, etc.) for an organization.
  • Manage information systems. Maintain the safe and efficient operation of the systems. At the highest level: serve as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of an organization.
  • Perform tasks related to programming, ensuring cybersecurity, and managing information technology projects