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Vietnamese Studies

Major code7310630

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectC00, D01, D14, D15
  • Fee27.000.000VND/year

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Vietnamese Studies

Vietnam Studies is a multidisciplinary field of scientific research that encompasses various aspects of Vietnam's country and its people. It covers areas such as culture, history, geography, economy, customs and traditions, beliefs and religions, language, clothing, etc., in order to elucidate the unique characteristics of Vietnam. Through this field, it contributes significantly to the construction of a strong and sustainable Vietnam on the path of international integration.
Students of Vietnam Studies at Thang Long University, in addition to theoretical lectures, also participate in practical experiential trips to explore the history, culture, and customs of different regions throughout the country.

Training objectives

- The Bachelor's program in Vietnam Studies aims to produce high-quality human resources with strong theoretical and professional competence, capable of performing well in professions related to culture, tourism, media, international exchange, and cooperation. It also seeks to meet the requirements of the changing society and international integration.
- Graduates will have in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of social sciences and humanities in general, and Vietnam Studies in particular.
- Graduates will obtain skills to identify, analyze, and solve problems related to tourism, media, and international exchange and cooperation in Vietnam.

Training program

Fundamental subjects

Vietnamese religions


Vietnamese Culture

Vietnamese Ethnic Groups

Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese Literature

Vietnamese History

Vietnamese Political System

Vietnamese Economy

Specialized Subjects

Culture And Media Com

Cultural Characteristics Of Vietnamese Regions

Vietnamese Etiquette And Behavior

Vietnamese Han-Nom Texts

Foundations Of Media Communication

Journalism And Publishing

General Advertising



Introduction to Tourism

Tourism Maps

Tourism Geography

Vietnam's Tourist Destinations

Travel Operation And Tour Guiding

Elective Subjects

● ​Tourism Promotion
​● Cultural Tourism
● ​Sustainable Tourism Development
● ​Events and Event Organization
● ​Radio And Television Program Production

Post-graduation Job Opportunities

  • Working in travel agencies, tourism companies, cultural organizations, and information and sports agencies, both domestically and internationally.
  • ​Working in media and communication agencies.
  • ​Working in government and non-governmental organizations related to Vietnam Studies.
  • ​Teaching and doing research: Research and teaching positions in culture, history, literature, Vietnamese language, etc., at universities, colleges, and research institutes.