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Thang Long

University of Applied Orientation

Thang Long University is a multidisciplinary and multi-vocational education center with an applied orientation, featuring a training and learning model that is updated according to the practical working environment. With the enthusiasm of educational designers, we are committed to building the best and most up-to-date educational environment for students.

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Percentage of students increased in the last 10 years (up to Class 30)


students enrolled in 2023

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The average monthly salary of a fresh graduate from Thang Long University

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Graduates have a job immediately in their first year after graduation

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Graduates (up to 2019)


​Established Thang Long People-founded University Center


​Held the first school opening ceremony at the Temple of Literature


Signed a partnership with ISG (Paris) and opened Vietnam's first computer laboratory.


​Relocated to a new facility at Pouchkine Institute


Established the Faculty of Managerial Economic


Renamed Thang Long People-founded University.


​Awarded bachelor's degrees to Students in Mathematics - Informatics, Classes 1, 2, and 3.


Transferred from Pouchkine Institute to Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District.


​Officially provided training under the credit system


Collaborated with the University of NICE and The University of Toulouse - France


Converted from Thang Long People-founded University to Thang Long University.


​Completed the construction of the new facility and moved to the current campus in Nghiem Xuan Nghiem Street, Hoang Mai District.


Opened Applied Music Faculty with strategic partners which are leading art universities: Seoul Culture Arts University, Seoul Arts and Woosong University.


30th Anniversary of the establishment


Opened the faculties of Media Communications, Information Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Economic Law


Open the majors of Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and International Economics


​Open the major of Hospitality Management


Opened the majors of E-Commerce & Graphic Design


35th Anniversary of the establishment


With the aim of providing the best learning environment for students, Thang Long University is designed based on the model of a university urban complex, completely different from traditional universities.

“We built Thang Long University into a university city and a national center for education, culture, science, and technology that train high-quality human resources and aim towards the future overall development of education, economy, and society of the country.”


Our Team

On our arduous learning journey, each of us needs a mentor. Whether gentle or strict, motivating or pressuring, it must be a dedicated teacher, always aiming at the development of students.

Professor & Doctor of Science. Hoang Xuan Sinh

Chairperson of the Board

Doctor. Pham Huy Dung

Vice Chairperson

Engineer. Truong Ngoc Kim

Vice Chairperson

Professor & Doctor of Science. Lam Quang Thiep

Committee Member

Master. Nguyen Huu Dang

Committee Member

Doctor. Dang Kim Nhung

Committee Member

Engineer. Hoang Xuan Mo

Committee Member

Master. Than The Son

Committee Member

Doctor. Truong Nhat Hoa

Vice Principal

Master. Nguyen Huu Dang

Acting Principal

Doctor. Vu Do Quynh

Vice Principal

Associate Professor & Doctor. Nguyen Minh Xuan

Vice Principal