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Finance and Banking

Major code7340201

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectA00, A01, D01, D90
  • Fee27.000.000VND/year

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Finance and Banking

Finance and banking is a profession related to the services of financial transactions and currency circulation through banks and financial instruments issued by banks within domestic and international scopes.
Finance and Banking is a very broad field, including smaller and more specialized areas such as banking, corporate finance, tax finance, insurance finance, financial analysis, financial economics, etc.


  • Acquire a solid foundation and in-depth knowledge in the field of economics in general, and finance and banking in particular, and be able to apply theories to practical work.
  • Be able to analyze issues and events in finance on both domestic and international scales
  • Conduct financial planning for businesses and forecast risks for enterprises.
  • Proficiently use information technology tools and have a good command of foreign languages for work.
  • Master the knowledge and expertise in finance and banking to perform tasks in specialized fields of organizations and businesses.


Fundamental subjects

Fundamental Monetary Finance
Corporate Finance
Accounting Principles
General Management
Fundamental Marketing
Scientific Research Methods in Economics
Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Applications in Economics
Applied Statistical Probability
Microsoft Excel
Quantitative Methods in Economics

Compulsory Subjects

Corporate Financial Management 

Public Finance

Securities market

Commercial Banking

Project Analysis and Development

Corporate Financial Analysis

Derivative Financial Instruments

Specialized Subjects

Finance specialization

Business Accounting


Corporate Financial Management 

Financial Risk Management

Asset Valuation

Financial Investment

Project Management 

Banking specialization

Commercial Banking 

Development Banking

International Payments


Credit Risk Management of Commercial Banks

Bank Accounting

Banking Marketing

Elective Subjects

Information Technology in Businesses
Economic Law
International Economics


Graduates with a bachelor's degree in Finance - Banking can work in various positions such as:

  • Financial specialist, tax specialist, auditor, credit officer, financial investment advisor, and appraiser in banks, companies in the stock market, insurance companies, valuation companies, and other financial institutions both domestically and internationally.
  • Policy planner in government agencies such as the State Management Agency, State Bank, Ministry of Finance, State Securities Commission, Monetary Policy Department under ministries, and other government agencies.
  • Researcher, research assistant, research officer, teaching staff in the field of finance and banking at training institutions, research institutes, or other organizations.
  • Bank teller, risk management specialist, credit officer, international payment specialist, financial analyst, etc., in commercial banks and financial intermediaries