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Korean Language

Major code7220210

  • Study duration04 years
  • SubjectD01, D02, D78, D96
  • Fee31.500.000VND/year

Recent admission scores (on a 30-point scale)


Korean Language

In recent years, South Korea has become an important diplomatic and economic partner with Vietnam. Not only does it have an impact on culture and tourism, but the country is also the largest ODA investing country in Vietnam, which opens up opportunities for student exchange, studying abroad, working in South Korea, as well as using the Korean language for work in Vietnam. Recognizing this trend, Thang Long University officially offered the Korean Language major in 2016. The program integrates practical language skills and theoretical knowledge. The courses not only provide knowledge of the Korean language but also help students understand Korean culture, history, and people. Moreover, some courses are designed to closely align with practical applications related to the economy, tourism, etc., helping students orient their careers before graduation.



-    Acquire foundational and in-depth knowledge of the Korean language
-    Proficiently use the Korean language in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, equivalent to TOPIK level 5
-    Gain a general understanding of Korean history, culture, country, and people
-    Equip students with comprehensive professional knowledge, practical skills, and proficiency in using the Korean language to meet the labor market's demands and integration.
-    Provide a foundation for students to pursue further education with postgraduate programs.


Fundamental subjects

  • Intermediate Korean 1 
  • Intermediate Korean 2 
  • Korean Language Skills 3 (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)
  • Korean Language Skills 4 (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)
  • Korean Language Skills 3 (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)
  • Korean Language Skills 6 (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)
  • Translation Theory
  • Written Translation 1 
  • Oral Translation 1 
  • Written Translation 2 
  • Oral Translation 2
  • Korean Country Studies 
  • Korean Literature
  • Advanced Intermediate English 1
  • Advanced Intermediate English 2
  • General Linguistics 
  • Vietnamese Culture 
  • Sociological Statistics 

Specialized Subjects

  • Korean Phonetics and Vocabulary
  • Korean Grammar 
  • Advanced Korean 1
  • Advanced Korean 2
  • Advanced Korean 3
  • Advanced Korean 4
  • Written Translation 3
  • Oral Translation 3
  • Korean for Tourism 
  • Korean for Business and Trade
  • Graduation Thesis 
  • Students who do not do a graduation thesis will have to study the following two graduation special topics: 
  • Cultural, social, and economic activities of Koreans in Vietnam 
  • Korean consciousness in Korean proverbs and idioms 

Elective Subjects

  • Korean History 
  • Korean Economy 
  • Comparative Linguistics 
  • Korean Language Internship 
  • Korean Language through Films
  • Korean Business Correspondence
  • Chinese Characters in Korean 1 
  • Chinese Characters in Korean 2
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication and Presentation Skills


Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Korean Language can pursue various careers, including:
-    Translator, interpreter, editor, collaborator, office staff, assistant, secretary, tour guide, etc.
-    Teacher and researcher: 
-    Teach Korean to Vietnamese learners in training institutions within and outside the country, or in Vietnamese high schools in the future. 
-    Work in centers, agencies, and research institutes specializing in Korean studies within and outside the country.