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Architectural systems that change the mindset

urban complex

We design a university urban complex that meets students' daily needs of living, studying, working, socializing, partaking in extracurricular activities, and playing sports

Self-study anytime and anyplace

Every space on campus creates inspiration and positive energy for students to study and work effectively

  • Self-Study Rooms
  • Library
  • Student Garden

Physical Training

Besides knowledge acquisition, students also need physical training.

  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Gymnasium
  • Physical Education Home


Students can not only study in class but also do self-study and rest in other places on campus

  • Canteen
  • Uni Cafe

Spacious modern facilities

Students experience learning and living in a practical, applied, up-to-date, and comfortable environment to fully develop themselves.

0 m2

Total area of Thang Long University


Conference rooms


Large lecture halls

0 Classrooms

Equipped with air conditioning, computers, projectors, and sound systems


Seats in the Hall

Practical applied learning

Thang Long University is committed to ensuring that all students have access to the most up-to-date facilities and equipment that meet the demands of the labor market in the modern 4.0 society


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Starting from 2017, Thang Long University introduces a series of new classrooms, which we call smart classrooms. Our smart classroom at Thang Long University is designed to be minimalistic with multi-purpose chairs with built-in desks that can easily be changed to serve many purposes. Smart classrooms bridge the gap between teachers and students; allow students to freely connect with their teachers or with each other for team-working, group working, or competitions. The smart classrooms is here to help students to be creative and proactive in learning and working.

The smart classroom at Thang Long University is designed to be minimalistic with multi-purpose chairs with built-in desks that can easily be changed to serve many purposes.


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Besides our restaurant - hotel complex; Thang Long University also designed a number nursing practice rooms, completely equipped systematically in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health, to ensure that our students at the Faculty of Health Sciences can practice with simulated patients so to replicate the real life conditions while they are still in class.


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To create a practical and professional environment for our students ; We designed a restaurant - hotel of 5-star standards so that students of the Tourism Department can practice their trade right at the school. Additionally, Thang Long University also has a system of 5-star hotel rooms serving guests, experts, and exchange delegations from inside and outside the country.


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Ta Quang Buu Hall is a combined center for organizing events, studying and recreational activities. This is the largest multi-purpose room in Thang Long University, equipped with the standard Ultra HD 4K LED screen, Dolby surround sound and lighting system making the Hall comparable to any modern movie or musical theater . With 530 seats, the Hall is the venue for major events of Thang Long University; It is also used to teach a variety of subjects, for example, foreign language through film in the Hall.


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Thang Long University is one of the few schools in Vietnam to build and put in to use a functional financial centers to practice Banking - Securities Trading according to international standards. The financial center uses copyrighted software and databases, constantly updated by VietVictory Ltd, helping our students at the Faculty of Economics - Management to practice analyzing data and conduct intensive research. We also employ virtual portfolio management software, virtual securities trading software, enterprise simulation software and Core Banking software, ... to help with learning and practices for subjects such as: Commercial Banking, International Payment, Stock Market, Accounting, Portfolio Management, Business Information Systems, E-marketing ... The Thang Long Financial Center and Core Banking Simulator serves as a bridge between businesses and the university as we also allow experts to use this facility for their research and work.

The Applied Music ecosystem study

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At the Department of Applied Music, we design an ecosystem that helps our students learn in a variety of ways, from vocal training to playing musical instruments, from performing on stage to music production. Students will also learn to produce music on the iMac computer installed with professional software for learning and producing music such as: Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X, ... These are the most updated software so students can edit music themselves; Thanks to that, after graduation, you will not only become a singer, but also have the opportunity to become a professional musician, producer, DJ, dancer ...

Thang Long Studio

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The practical lab at Thang Long University has been equipped with a 4K virtual studio system that meets the same image quality standards as national television stations. Thang Long University is confident that it is the first university in Vietnam to incorporate 4K image technology along with a 4K virtual studio into teaching, learning, and program production.