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Message from the Chairperson of the Board

Around the world, even in countries with many private universities, it is not uncommon for schools to close after thirty or forty years of establishment. Only a few schools can survive and maintain a relatively decent status after such a period of time. Thang Long University is not an exception. In the coming years, it will have to make even greater efforts to become a true university. However, this must be affirmed: Besides the self-motivated efforts of each institution, the development of a people-founded or private university depends heavily on the regulations issued by the State. Appropriate regulations in line with objective laws will help it thrive; otherwise, it will gradually decline and perish.
Thang Long in a pilot project of a people-founded university model. During this period, the university named Thang Long People-founded University Center as a crucial and significant model for the entire nation in terms of autonomous financial management in higher education, without relying on state funding. The word "people-founded" was proposed by the university to indicate that it was not public and avoid using "private" which was then unacceptable to society. The word "Center" in its old name is a dream, an ambition, and a hope that in the future, it will become a center of universities, specifically having constituent universities in it.
The establishment certificate for Thang Long People-founded University Center was signed by the Minister of University, Professional High School, and Vocational Training on December 15, 1988. At that time, the State did not establish regulations for private universities, and the University s both operating and considering contributing to the drafting of these regulations.
As mentioned above, private universities currently avoid offering majors in intensive sciences that require expensive equipment and Thang Long University is no exception. Therefore, the University's facilities include only classrooms, computers, libraries, and laboratories for the majors of Medicine and Nursing. It was actually simple, but initially, the problem had almost no solution because the cost of a 286 computer in 1990 was 2,500 USD or over 20 million VND then, while the tuition for each student was taken at the same.

Best regards,
Hoang Xuan Sinh

"We are fully aware of our humble abilities, so we have continuously striven to elevate Thang Long University to a global level, turning it into a practical and applied university that nurtures the dreams of students and meets the demands of society."