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Department Of Human Resource Management

The Department of Human Resource Management has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in performing tasks related to the construction and development of cadres, lecturers and employees to ensure the quantity and quality of training and teaching of the University.

Perform tasks related to Human Resource Management: Personnel recruitment; Training and development; Salary, bonus and benefit management and Human resource management.


1. Recruitment activities 

  • Make a monthly/ quarterly/ annual recruitment plan for the University. 
  • Implement and guide the units to implement the recruitment plan by the University's process.
  • Organize recruitment activities for positions and propose to recruit suitable candidates.
  • Perform professional operations with the candidates, 

Employees on probation and official employees as prescribed.

  • Develop recruitment channels, manage and effectively use Recruitment service contracts.

2. Training and Organizational development activities

  • Develop training and human resource development strategies for the University.
  • Develop internal training programs on personnel and corporate culture for employees.
  • Develop programs to develop corporate culture, and position the University's cultural brand to attract high-quality employees.
  • Implement orientation and integration training for new employees.
  •  Advise the Rector on developing and amending the organizational chart, title system, etc. from time to time. 
  • Undertake the implementation and synthesis of the results of assessing the performance of individuals and collectives.

3. Management activities on salary, bonus and benefits

  • Update and implement the State's regulations on Labor law, policies, labor relations, etc.
  • Develop, implement and control the implementation of the Labor regulations, the Salary regulations, the Reward and Discipline regulations. 
  • Coordinate with the relevant units to develop an annual salary budget.
  • Develop policies, address social welfare regimes for employees.
  • Make periodic reports on personnel in accordance with the laws.
  • Manage HR database systems/HR software.

4. Human resource management activities

  • Manage, update and track personal records.
  • Advise the Board of Directors on personnel appointment, dismissal, transfer and arrangement; divide, add and combine units according to the development goals of the University from time to time.
  • Perform daily personnel work: signing/ extending the Labor contract, procedures for transferring/ appointing/ dismissing/ terminating the Labor contract, etc. 
  • Summarize taxable income, declare and prepare personal income tax reports.
  • Carry out procedures for settling labor disputes, handling labor violations (if any), etc. Perform work on occupational safety.

Specific annual activities

  • Organize personnel recruitment, team development; internal training.
  • Make payment of salaries, bonuses, teaching wages and welfare to employees.
  • Implement the insurance regime for employees.
  • Summarize taxable income, declare and prepare personal income tax reports.


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