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Department Of Postgraduate And Scientific Management

The Department of Postgraduate and Scientific Management is in charge of advising and assisting the Rector in the management of postgraduate training, scientific management and implementation of related works of Thang Long University. 


1. Postgraduate training

  • Develope postgraduate training programs and plans: participating in drafting the detailed regulations on organization and management of postgraduate training; coordinating with faculties to prepare dossiers of opening new major codes;
  • Develop and implement management documents on postgraduate training;
  • Organize and manage the postgraduate training process, including: Standing on the Postgraduate Admissions Council of the University; Plan training, organize and manage the teaching and learning activities of lecturers and learners; Propose the establishment of thesis/project and doctoral thesis defense councils according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training; Manage, archive records and learning outcomes and manage learners according to current regulations, etc.;
  • Manage and issue diplomas and appendices to learners according to regulations;
  • Periodically evaluate postgraduate training curriculum to supplement and adjust the content, knowledge and teaching expertise in accordance with social needs, ensuring scientific and practicality.
  • Summarize and report the results of postgraduate activities of the University according to regulations;
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the competent authority.

2. Scientific management

  • Develop and implement the scientific topics at all levels, documents related to scientific and technological activities;
  • Develop an annual plan of scientific and technological activities;
  • Implement, manage and review scientific and technological activities: scientific and technological tasks at all levels, compile curricula and documents, connect and recommend, apply scientific works inside and outside the university according to the orientation and demand in intellectual property, digital transformation and innovation, etc.
  • Be the focal point for organizing scientific conferences and seminars at the university level and at all levels, short-term courses to improve the research level of cadres, lecturers and learners; 
  • Reward and handle violations related to the results of scientific and technological research activities;
  • Periodically report on science and technology activities as prescribed;
  • Perform other relevant tasks as assigned by the competent authority.

Some annual activities and events organized by Department of Postgraduate and Scientific Management:

  • In-person, via hotline and online admissions counseling.
  • Organize the master's entrance exam and doctoral student admission. 
  • Organize meetings with students and graduate students at the beginning of the course.
  • A focal point to organize the graduation ceremony and award the master's degree.
  • Lead the scientific conferences and seminars of Thang Long University


Contact: Department Of Postgraduate And Scientific Management