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Department Of Political And Student Affairs

The Department of Political and Student Affairs is responsible for propaganda, political and ideological education, student management, implementing the reward, discipline and counseling policies to support students' issues. Organize the implementation of student affairs by the Rules and Regulations of the Ministry of Education & Training and the University.


  • Carry out educational and propaganda activities for students according to the guidelines, policies and resolutions of the Party and the laws of the State; educate Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's ideology, launch contests, etc. according to the Rules of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Regulations of the University;
  • Coordinate with Party units, organizations and mass organizations within the University to grasp the ideological situation and developments of students, propose to the Rector guidelines and measures to implement political and ideological education suitable to each stage;
  • Implement moral and lifestyle education; carry out political security, order, safety, crime prevention and social evils among students. Coordinate with security agencies and functional departments of the university to handle security and order issues related to students;
  • Act as the focal point for receiving and resolving all administrative requests and procedures for students; answer questions of students and parents through the One-stop department, responding to verification requests of outside agencies and units related to students;
  • Manage full-time undergraduate students: receiving admitted students; coordinating with faculties, departments, and Youth Union to monitor and evaluate students' sense of learning and training; evaluate the training results of students at the end of the academic year and course;
  • Organize emulation and commendation for collectives and individuals according to the school's regulations. Conduct the consideration of scholarships to encourage learning from organizations, sponsors and school scholarships;
  • Propose the University leaders create conditions, support, and help students who are in difficult circumstances, have accidents, are at risks, etc. in the learning process;
  • Act as the focal point for disciplinary against students who violate learning regulations, exam regulations, and other violations;
  • Implement statistics, data synthesis, and student records management. Handle administrative tasks related to students according to their assigned tasks;
  • Organize "Citizenship Week" at the beginning of the school year. Coordinate to organize students to participate in political, social, cultural, artistic, sports, and club activities. Coordinate with relevant units to survey students' opinions as prescribed, in order to improve the quality of learning, scientific research, and student activities;
  • Organize to guide, check and urge students and lecturers to well implement the school's regulations on learning, teaching, and complying with civilized lifestyle regulations, etc.;
  • Organize psychological counseling, prevent, support and improve the students' mental health;



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