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E-Learning Center

Functions and duties

  • Manage E-Learning system: manage accounts, grant permissions, create courses, handle problems related to system access and right to use the E-Learning system, Office 365.
  • Guide on how to use the system and answer questions during teaching - studying process of lecturers and students.
  • Manage the operation of 7 subjects (Philosophy, Political Economy, Socialism, Science, Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology, Party History, General Law, Environmental Science):

                 + Ensure that students enrolled in the course have the right to access;

                 + Answer questions and support students to self-study on the E-Learning system;

                + On weekly basis, publish a list of attendance points for students who completed the week's academic tasks on time;

                 + Organize meetings with lecturers to answer questions;

            + Organize midterm examinations, make a list of students banned from taking exams, enter process points into the training management system.

  • Manage projects to develop materials for combined training for subjects at Thang Long University in order to enhance students' ability to self-study, change the role of lecturers from knowledge transmitter to instructor for students to participate in activities to consolidate knowledge, evaluate self-study results, apply knowledge in practice, and develop students' creative thinking and soft skills.

Working principle

Work online via the University’s email and Team chat, answer within 24h or 48h at the latest. 

  • Issues related to: Account, access, use of E-Leaning system, Office 365: Person in charge Doan Ngoc Dat - Team chat PEL002
  • Issues related to: 7 general subjects, Attendance point, lecturer meeting schedules, process examination schedules, process point, etc...: Person in charge Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai - Team chat PEL006



Contact: E-Learning Center


  • Specialist Room 2, 8th floor, A Building, Thang Long University
    Nghiem Xuan Yem Street, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City