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Marketing and communications Department (Marcom)

The Marketing and Communication Department is in charge of marketing, communication, event organization, and enrollment at Thang Long University.


  • Conduct enrollment counseling and admission support for new students.
  • Develop, manage and promote the brand of Thang Long University to parents, pupils, students, enterprises, organizations and partners of the University
  • Manage and post the content and information to media channels of Thang Long University (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok).
  • Plan and implement the advertising and communication campaigns on the University's media channels or other communication channels (press, communication, etc.).
  • Be responsible for PR activities such as: Organizing events; working with media and press units; issuing media publications (brochures, posters, banners, backdrops, etc.); issuing brand identity publications.
  • Perform research and development (R&D) on the market, freshmen, students, etc. to propose development strategies and plans for the University.
  • Approve departments, faculties, and students to organize events at the University or use the University's brand to participate in and organize external events.
  • Manage and operate the equipment and facilities at Thang Long University Studio for the University’s activities and events and E-learning video recording.
  • Operate the equipment and facilities in the Hall (sound, light, screen equipment, etc.) for the organization of programs and events approved by the University.
  • Approve the cooperation proposals from external enterprises and organizations in demand of cooperation with Thang Long University in communication, promotion, marketing, event organization, etc.

Some annual activities and events organized by Marcom:

  • In-person, via hotline and online admissions counseling.
  • Job Fair: Thang Long University Job Fair. 
  • Freshman Welcome Day.
  • Event Series - Anniversary Celebration of the University. 
  • Year-end event (Christmas). 
  • Attend the Admissions Counseling Day.

The official communication channel of Thang Long University, managed by Marcom:

Contact: Marketing and communications Department (Marcom)