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International Relations Department

The International Relations Department has the function of advising and assisting in the implementation of tasks related to cooperation with foreign countries to improve the quality of higher education of the University in the direction of modernity, and access to advanced higher education in the region and in the world.


1. International training activities 

  • Admit and organize an admission committee for annual joint training programs 
  • Organize classes, manage students, and arrange class schedules accordingly
  • Be the bridge between students and lecturers, the school; support, absorb, listen, and answer questions for students promptly. 
  • Archive the documents on international cooperation and international training activities assigned by the University
  • Assist the Education Board in implementing the State's legal documents on international cooperation, developing the University's regulations on international relations and international training

2. International cooperation activities 

  • Handle and receive information from foreign organizations and international organizations, report and propose to the Education Board to sign cooperation agreements, and coordinate with other units to implement. 
  • Advise the University to develop a long-term and annual international cooperation development plan
  • Negotiate with partners under the direction of the University Leaders, draft documents and prepare procedures, submit to the University Leaders to sign international cooperation projects.
  • Act as a focal point for construction, deployment, implementation and management of international cooperation projects; represent Thang Long University in international funding projects.
  • Proactively seek and maintain relationships with foreign partners (individuals, organizations) who are capable and reputable in the field of training and scientific research to introduce to the units and propose the Rector to establish a cooperative relationship.
  • Prepare, apply for permission and organize international conferences and seminars under international programs, projects and agreements that the International Cooperation Department and departments and faculties act as the focal point for implementation or under the direction of the University leaders.
  • Participate in the development and preparation of brochures and promotional materials in English during meetings and seminars with foreign partners
  • Coordinate with organizations to welcome foreign guests to work, visit, teach, etc.

Specific annual activities

  • Recruit students to join the international joint training programs 
  • Admit students for international training programs taught at Thang Long University
  • Organize thesis defense for international master's students 
  • Organize graduation ceremony for international master's students 
  • Welcome international partners to visit and work at Thang Long University 

Official communication channel managed by the International Relations Department

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