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Thang Long Institute Of Cognition And Education Studies (TICES)

Thang Long Institute of Cognition and Education Studies (TICES) of Thang Long University is a scientific research center on cognition and education, focuses on the following research directions: critical thinking; levels of cognition (recall, explain, apply, analyze, evaluate and create); cognition and education theory (developmental and constructiveness); innovative pedagogy - Tpack (Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge); educational techniques based on science and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic and Blockchain; cultural exchange and academic exchange. Specifically:

Regarding research

The Institute is promoting the coordination with departments at Thang Long University such as Vietnamese Studies, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Korean Studies, Tourism Studies and Public Health to carry out basic scientific studies and research applications related to Sino-Vietnamese characters (Han Nom) and Region Studies (Vietnam in the context of regional countries), research on international cooperation issues in education and science with advanced countries (COIL, Korea and Australia). 

International exchange and cooperation in science

Along with the cooperation and support of departments and agencies at Thang Long University, the TICES Institute is the venue for scientific seminars, prestigious national and international scientific seminars and workshops (for example: Scientific Conference on Cultural and Literary Exchange between Vietnam and East Asian countries in the Middle-Modern period, in July 2023).

Regarding training

The TICES Institute is currently working with the department of Vietnamese Studies to prepare the curriculum on Sino-Vietnamese characters and the Region in three languages: Vietnamese, English and Chinese for domestic and international students. 

Regarding journal

The TICES Institute is a research agency located in the university, in addition to research and training, the Institute together with Thang Long University also launches Thang Long Journal of Science, in which the Institute is mainly responsible for the Journal of Vanhien and Heritage. This journal is expected to be a place for scientists to exchange academic knowledge related to Vietnamese culture, language and society from the past to the present. The journal has published many high-quality and scientific research articles with high applicability of lecturers, researchers in the university, domestic and foreign researchers. The published journals have begun to attract the attention of domestic and international scientists and have a certain influence on the field of social sciences in Vietnam. 

Regarding publishing

The TICES Institute has published some works of the late Prof. Academician Pham Huy Thong - a reputable author in the field of Social Sciences to prepare for the curriculum of Vietnamese Studies - Region Studies such as Vietnamese Grammar, Con Moong Cave, Dong Son Bronze Drum, Hung Vuong Era and From Prehistory to History. In the coming time, the TICES Institute will release some important publications related to the sea and islands of Vietnam before the modern era.


Contact: Thang Long Institute Of Cognition And Education Studies (TICES)


  • 8th Floor - A Building - Thang Long University
    Nghiem Xuan Yem Street, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City