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Information - Documentation - Library Department

The Information - Documentation - Library Department performs duties related to: management, exploitation and development of information resources and services to serve the training and research activities of the University.


  • Supplement and develop domestic and foreign information resources to meet the teaching, learning and scientific research demands; acquire, store and disseminate documents of the University such as: accepted scientific research topics, training programs, syllabus, lessons, theses, master's theses, and other forms of documents through giving, offering and exchanging.
  • Organize, process, arrange, store, preserve and manage the documents; develop an appropriate lookup system; set up an automated information access and search network; develop the databases. 
  • Serve the use of reading rooms, borrowing rooms, learning environments, provide information and materials to meet the information needs of readers throughout the school.
  • Guide readers to access, exploit and effectively use existing sources of information and documentation, library information products and services.
  • Manage the assets; preserve and periodically inventory the documents, technical facilities and other assets; liquidate the outdated and worn documents and equipment according to regulations.
  • Expand cooperation with agencies and organizations in the field of library information; participate in professional activities with the library system throughout the country to promote the development of library careers; link and cooperate with libraries for supplementation and exchange of documents, share information resources, data, organize inter-library loan services, online information provision services in accordance with the laws and regulations of the University.
  • Research and apply advanced scientific and technological achievements and information technology to library work to improve the efficiency.

Some services at the Library

  • Document circulation: Read on the spot; Read online; Borrow books to home; Renew documents.
  • Request for additional documents
  • Teaching/Learning/Research support: Use of subject materials; Document information by topic; Research document support; Release/Distribute documents.
  • References & Information: Q&A from Library staff; Information search support; Provide information upon request.
  • Library space: Information desk; Computer area; Quick access points; Group classrooms/individual classrooms.
  • Introduce the new documents 
  • Guide to look up and exploit documents online and directly at the library

The official communication channel of Thang Long University, managed by Library department:


Contact: Information - Documentation - Library Department