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Finance - Accounting Department


  • Plan and control budget revenues and expenditures, distribute financial results.
  • Make a plan to mobilize and estimate capital sources for training activities of the University.
  • Organize the accounting and asset value management of the university
  • Appropriately allocate, adjust and strictly control the revenues and expenditures norms according to the plan approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Distribute the financial results implemented in the period in accordance with the operation rules and regulations of the State.
  • Synthesize, plan and coordinate the procurement of assets, supplies and equipment for the University.


  • Develop and detail the revenue and expenditure budget estimates, manage the financial work of the whole University.
  • Update and develop norms of the University's Internal expenditure regulations based on regulations of the University.
  • Report on updating revenues and expenditures from activities and implementation results compared to the approved plan.
  • Based on the tasks, targets and plans of the University's activities; Based on the current financial regime norms; Based on the approved internal expenditure regulations of the University to review the revenues, expenditures and investments made in each quarter and school year.
  • Coordinate with the units to procure the assets, equipment and supplies that meet the technical solutions, in accordance with the service, training and business requirements of the University.
  • Develop a unified accounting system throughout the University in accordance with accounting standards and regulations of the State.
  • Summarize the accounting operations, accounting and management reports.
  • Inventory and monitor the assets, tools, books and stationery throughout the University.
  • Prepare the Financial Statements, Tax reports periodically in fiscal and school years.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by Education Board.

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