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General Administration Department

The General Administration Department has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in organizing general activities of the University; Advising the Rector in directing and operating administrative tasks, managing facilities, protecting security/military/fire protection, environmental sanitation, health care for cadres/lecturers/employees/students.

Specific duties of the General Administration Department

1. Administrative work

  • Preside over to develop the regulations and implement the direction documents of the Ministry of Education and Training under the direction of the Rector;
  • Receive, secure, and transfer promptly, at the correct address of dispatches and papers to and out; Manage documents, and store outgoing and incoming dispatches of the whole school;
  • Instruct units to properly implement the process of developing documents and document formats before submitting them to the Education Board for approval; Drafting and printing documents under the direction of the University Council and the Education Board;
  • Manage and use the seal of the University by the laws;
  • Issue referrals and copies of documents issued by the University;
  • Welcome and guide visitors to the University for work; Manage the on-call teacher room; deliver and receive the keys to classrooms, halls, and microphones for lecturers.

2. Facility management

  • Inspect, supervise, check, and accept the maintenance of facilities, take care of trees; Organize small repairs of damaged electricity, water, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.;
  • Ensure environmental sanitation throughout the school; Provide drinking water for cadres, lecturers and students;


  • General Administration Department: 02438587346; 024 9999 1988, ext 0
  • Receptionist: 024 9999 1988, ext 101
  • On-call teacher room: 024 9999 1988, ext 102
  • Health station: 024 9999 1988, ext 115
  • Standing Guard: 024 9999 1988, ext 113

Contact: General Administration Department